“Suspiria” by Goblin

Halloween theme week continues.

Here is the main theme to the classic Italian horror movie Suspiria, directed by Dario Argento, from 1977.  Argento directed a number of classic or near-classic horror films, including Deep Red (Profondo Rosso), and Phenomena.  Even his lesser efforts are often fascinating for genre fans and film buffs of all stripes.  Although not a household name in America, his work has been hugely influential  on filmmakers worldwide, and he is revered by lovers of horror movies (like me).

Goblin composed soundtracks for several Argento films, and sold many albums in Europe.

This is a marvelously effective theme, accompanied by a similarly effective fan-made video of clips from the movie.

Actress Asia Argento is Dario Argento’s daughter.


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