Lil Wayne: Sports Writer?? is featuring a Sports Blog by none other than New Orleans rapper, Lil Wayne. Check it out.

With awesome posts like “The Cowboys Suck” and “You Just Cannot Stop the Man-Ram”, the blog is actually REALLY entertaining. I was very surprised to read that he was a die hard Cheesehead and avid tennis fan. Once you get passed the random shout outs, it’s actually a pretty good read. Enjoy.

P.S.  Lil Wayne’s first son was born yesterday, whom he referred to in his blog as “the Carter III: Dwayne Michael Carter the third”.  Doesn’t that mean that he named his son after an album?? (see pic above)


7 Responses to Lil Wayne: Sports Writer??

  1. mrs.carter26 says:

    sexy as a mother fucker

  2. Joao Soromenho says:

    Wayne is one of the best rappers on the world…
    Him music are makes to all people around the world…
    If you feel what Weezy feel and what I feel
    you will know the why I like the Weezy tracks
    Weezy keep doing your art…


  3. Fredericka says:

    man i feel that people need to let him be and get off him but still listen to his music cuz that go hard

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh I luv LiL Wayne he iz dah shiz n alwayz will be
    W33ZY F. BaBy
    GoT moN3y

  5. prodige says:

    hi weezy i love you in congo come here please the people make happy for you thanck i have waiting your reply have a day weezy?

  6. portia says:

    i think that lil wayne is a black obama cuz he is everything that the black
    race need he is real he is the best rapper alive and thats real i love him
    and i stick wit him through anything cuz thats a true fuckin fan and
    thats wats real……..

  7. lil dan says:

    i do’n have any word to talk about weezy
    he is the best fuck’n black artist i’ve ever see
    i like u a lot lil
    and conga about ur son. make him a real nigga like u

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