“Baby Your Phrasing is Bad” b/w “A Woman of Distinction” by Caleb

Caleb, AKA Caleb Quaye, released this single in 1967.  I first heard the great psychedelic song “Baby Your Phrasing is Bad” on the Nuggets II box set.

I love this song, and have put it on mix CDs in the past and almost certainly will in the future.

Here are the liner notes from Nuggets II:

Baby Your Phrasing is Bad

Or more appropriately: Baby, your phasing is bad.

New advances in studio technology in the ’60s created new possibilities for musical experimentation.  Phasing–or “skying”–was a studio effect that was in vogue during the psychedelic era.  The technique involved a slightly out-of-sync tape playback, which created a suitably trippy whooshing effect.  The Small Faces’ “Itchycoo Park” and The Status Quo’s “Pictures of Matchstick Men” are two popular examples from the period, though the effect was used as early as 1961, on Miss Toni Fisher’s hit “The Big Hurt.”

The phasing effect was given full rein on this quirky solo track by session guitarist Caleb Quaye,  and it sends vocals, guitars, and drums swooping and diving all over the sky.  However, when Philips released the track as a single in June 1967, it headed straight down in the opposite direction.

Quaye was later a member of Hookfoot and also played guitar for Elton John, who is rumored to be on this session somewhere.

The phasing effect is super-sweet.  I’m surprised the song isn’t better known.  Maybe Wes Anderson will stick it in movie someday.

In addition to playing in Elton John’s band, Caleb Quaye also played with Hall & Oates.  He became a committed Christian and currently works in ministry.  He still records on occasion, recently releasing a jazz-rock fusion album.

You wouldn’t have gotten any hint of all that from listening to “Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad.”

Here’s the B-side, “A Woman of Distinction.”  Although not as memorable as “Baby,” it’s a fine ’60s number in and of itself.  It is available on volume one of the Rubble compilation series of obscure ’60s songs.  (“Baby Your Phrasing is Bad” is on volume four).

Incidentally, Caleb is the older brother of Finley Quaye.

2 Responses to “Baby Your Phrasing is Bad” b/w “A Woman of Distinction” by Caleb

  1. Jamey says:

    I love this song too! It’s amazing just how many great songs there were from the late 1960’s! Best time period for music period. I got into garage/psychedelic/never played on the radio songs a few years ago and am still discovering groups from this time period! I really wish radio station would play some of the nuggets songs or the Velvet Underground(They are only in the freakin Hall of Fame!), Stooges, etc…

  2. Keith says:

    I, too, love this song. Very much – and I have it Nuggets and Rubble and several other compilations. It’s actually quite well known among 60s record collectors. Thanks for this article – you might enjoy my online radio station, Deeper Into Music.

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