You Listen to… What?!

Earlier this week, I had a meeting at work with everyone from my division.  During the meeting, we had a little “team building” exercise that was called “Three Facts and a Lie.”  Each person was handed an index card and was told to write three facts about themself and one untruth, and then the cards were read aloud so that the rest of the team members could try to guess whose card was being read and which item was the lie.  I guess the whole point of the exercise was for us to all learn a little bit about each other.  Mission accomplished, because I learned one fact about a co-worker that left me dumbfounded.

The co-worker in question is a woman of about 50 years old.  One of the items included on her card was “I like New Age music.”  I immediately knew that this was the lie.  No one likes New Age music.  I threw out my guess, and she said, “No, that one’s true.”  I stared blankly for a moment, then said, “Come on.  That’s the lie, right?”  Again, she affirmed that she really does like New Age music.  In order to keep from looking like a complete asshole, I did not push the subject any further, but I really wanted to.  I wanted to ask questions:

  1. How can you really like new age music? 
  2. What could possibly be appealing about it? 
  3. Do you ride up and down in elevators for fun? 
  4. Do you have a poster of Yanni on your wall? 
  5. You were just joking about that whole “liking New Age music” thing, right?

 And so forth.  I guess what this little freakish experience made me realize is that people out there actually do like this music.  Yanni and Enya have probably sold more albums each than my top ten favorite bands combined, so someone has to be buying them.  Am I just a complete prick here?  Probably so, but really, New Age music?!?!  Come on!!!

Then I remembered that I own a couple of records by a group called Baka Beyond that blends Celtic folk music with the music of the Baka people from the Cameroon rainforests.  Oops!


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