A Job Offer for Sarah Palin

Ready for the Music Video.
Ready for the Video.

As the pollsters always say, “X (days, weeks, whatever) in politics is an eternity,” but as of this writing, things are looking grim for the McCain-Palin ticket.  Of course, Palin has a day job she can return to, as governor of the great state of Alaska.

But, as Q said in The World Is Not Enough, “Always have an escape plan.”  So if she’s sick of that line of work, she’s got a job offer.

She has been invited to join the Pussycat Dolls.

“She seems like a headstrong woman, a tough chick. And she’s hot,” said singer Nicole Scherzinger.

I don’t know if Sarah Palin can sing, although I know she can play the flute. (No, that’s not a double entendre.)  But as it appears that there’s nothing this woman can’t do (other than, perhaps, put McCain over the top in 2008), I wouldn’t be surprised if she could.

As it happens, I don’t know any songs by the Pussycat Dolls, so there will be no Pussycat Dolls video accompanying this post.  You are welcome to either thank me or offer suggestions in the comments.

Instead, all I’ve got is the oft-seen footage of Sarah Palin playing the flute.  It’s actually quite pretty–I will leave it to flautists to tell me if the rough patch around 1:40 is an error on Palin’s part or just the limitations of primitive recording  technology.  Actually, I don’t really care–I just wanted to use the word “flautist.”

As an aside, I would like to credit Nicole Scherzinger for not adopting a stage name.


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  1. It’s a Viper. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t buy one, but I’d love to drive one.

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