VP Debate: There Can Be Only One

We don’t do a lot of politics here at On Deaf Ears.  However, the upcoming presidential election is the elephant (or donkey) in the room, impossible to ignore.  We have writers and readers on both sides of the aisle and we’re all friends here, so, (when the topic comes up at all) we intend to ride out the rocky next five weeks just as we’ve ridden out the past several months–politely and with a sense of humor.

That said, it is a heated time, and passions run deep for a great many Americans.  Sometimes, you really do want to take an ax to the other side.

Well, now you can.

Actually, you can take staff, sword, or war-hammer to the other side.  Or, if you’re Sarah Palin, a bladed hockey stick.

Introducing Kung-Fu Election–Election 2008, Mortal Kombat style.

You can play John or Cindy McCain, Barack or Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, or Joe Biden.

In honor of tonight’s vice-presidential debate, here’s Joe Biden versus Sarah Palin.

Who will prevail?

There Can Be Only One.

There Can Be Only One.

(You have to sit through an ad, but it’s worth it.)


One Response to VP Debate: There Can Be Only One

  1. Alex LaPointe says:

    I was hoping Joe Biden would refer to Sarah Palin as an “asshat”. I heard he going to, but he was talked out of it by James Carville at the last minute.

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