The Decemberists – “Valerie Plame”

Colin Meloy has a crush.  Her name is Valerie Plame, and she was embroiled in some political mess a while back or something.  I don’t know, I hate politics.  I’m a huge Decemberists fan, but the smug liberal goofiness of this song doesn’t do a whole lot for me.  And I’m a smug, goofy liberal.  Go figure.

Speaking of politics, Larry Flynt has apparently posted an ad on the LA craigslist page looking for a Sarah Palin look-alike to perform in a porn film.  Hopefully she won’t be “doing” a John McCain look-alike.  that would be disturbing.  A moose, however…  I’d definitely watch that.

Suggested titles:

Juneau You Want It

Northern Xxxposure

Laying the Alaskan Pipeline

Frozen Tuna

Shrinkage in Anchorage


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