“Halloween” b/w “Halloween II” by the Misfits

October 31, 2008

While there were plenty of other choices, what other Misfits song was I going to pick for our inaugural Halloween Theme Week?

The single “Halloween” was released on October 30, 1981. It and its B-side, “Halloween II,” appear on Collection II, although old-school fans are likely more familiar with the overdubbed version from the 1985 compilation Legacy of Brutality.

This day, anything goes
Burning bodies hanging from poles

Here is a fan-made video featuring not-terribly-appropriate but cool footage from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And here’s the B-side, “Halloween II”

According to Wikipedia, the Latin translates as:

Ancient formulas of exorcisms and excommunications
that witches and those made wolves believe
I maim now the demon clothed in wolfskin
Having to hide in the hollow of a tree
I say werewolves can change shapes.

Happy Halloween!


“Obama Be Thy Name” by Makadem, plus Vote or Die!

October 31, 2008

Yet another in an endless stream of songs about Barack Obama.  The difference is <gasp!> this one actually displays musical talent.  The culty-messiah thing is something that bothers me about Senator Obama’s more enthusiastic supporters, but one expects a certain amount of messianism with reggae, so in this instance it’s only a minor demerit.

So far as I know, this is by Kenyan musician Makadem, although details are hard to come by (OK, I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into researching the topic).

I prematurely declared the best Obama song to be “Obama is Beautiful World.”  I did this before Election Day!  As a Republican hoping for a miracle, what was I thinking?  I, of all people, need to believe that it ain’t over ’til it’s over!

In order to promote democracy worldwide, let’s vote on it.  Vote or Die!

OK, you busted me.  I’m only doing this to try out the new WordPress poll thingamajig.  Be forewarned, if you vote for “Some other Obama song” and it out-polls one of the two candidates, I’m going to have to have a runoff.  And you have no idea what awful Obama song I might bring to the table as the competition (I’m leaning “Dear Leader” by the Children of the Corn, although Boy George is tempting).

And since I’m only doing this to try out the thingamajig, I won’t be insulted when there are exactly three votes.

In other musical election news, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry has endorsed John McCain.  Alas, no campaign song.  Say it ain’t so, Joe!  Since I insist on posting these damned things, I’m sure our readers would appreciate more songs from musicians, who are, ya know, competent.

Rick Roll’d… in Binary

October 30, 2008

Not to go WAY overboard with MTV related posts, but I couldn’t resist blogging about this one.  Apparently a Rick Astely fansite came across some binary code embedded in the countdown site to the MTV Eroupe Music Awards show.   The source code just so happened to translate to Astley’s lyrics: “We’re no strangers to love / You know the rules, and so do I.”


I don’t know who’s the biggest dork here… the MTV Europe website guy for putting the binary lyrics in the site… the Rick Astley uber-fan for combing the internets for mentions of Astley AND translating the binary to text… OR me for thinking it’s hilarious and photoshopping the above pic.

Re: Mr. Show – “Monster Parties: Fact or Fiction?”

October 30, 2008

Some may be skeptical as to the existence of Monster Parties, but I have evidence that they are real.

I want to believe.

Mr. Show – “Monster Parties: Fact or Fiction?”

October 30, 2008

In keeping with the Halloween Week theme, here’s an awesome clip from Mr. Show that skewers goofy novelty recordings like “Monster Mash” as well as their champion, Dr. Demento

Pitchfork Be Stealin’ Yo Thunder, G Winslow!

October 29, 2008

I was perusing Pitchfork this morning, and I found an article on their website that raises some suspicions of perhaps a few shady dealings.  Marc Hogan has written an article titled “You Can Vote However You Like,” which outlines several songs from the campaign trail, including many that have been mentioned by Gordon on this here blog.

Because I am smart, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Hogan and Pitchfork Media have knowingly lifted the idea from this website, and as such I have hired an esteemed attorney to pursue a civil case against these thieving members of the liberal media elite on Gordon’s behalf.

Also, they apparently did not agree with my review of Blitzen Trapper’s new record, so they deserve any suing that they get!

P.S.  No, Pitchfork, I’m not really suing you.  Have a sense of humor, already!

Finally! “Sarah Smile” by Lloyd Marcus

October 29, 2008

I’ve had quite a few posts this election cycle on campaign songs.  Most of the songs were about Barack Obama, but I did manage to dig up a couple about John McCain.  However, there were no songs about the polarizing and hot Republican vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin.

Until now.

Introducing “Sarah Smile” by Lloyd Marcus, a black conservative artist and musician.  Yes, such a person exists.  What a great country!

I hate the Hall & Oates song on which this is based, so it’s no shocker that I think this is horrible despite my proud membership in both the VRWC and the Sarah Palin Fan Club.  But hey, there was simply no way I wasn’t going to post the only Sarah Palin song I could find (well, other than “McCain-Palin Tradition” but she got second billing on that one).  Obama’s had more than his share, and this is still worlds better than that frightening Children of the Corn ditty.

Still no luck finding a Joe Biden song, and yes, there really is a Sarah Palin Calendar.

And yes, just under a week until my campaign-song posting madness is over.