Music Mystery #398 – Love Rollercoaster

OK, this has to one of the most outrageous urban legends surrounding a song in music history.

Is it true a woman was murdered during the recording of “Love Rollercoaster”?

The most popular rumor states that a girlfriend of one of the recording engineers was murdered in the studio next to the one Ohio Players was recording in, and somehow her scream made it onto Ohio Players tape.

A popular variation on that is that the model for the cover of Honey was badly burned in the photo-shoot for the album cover. Allegedly, the “honey” wasn’t actually honey but some sort of synthetic resin like fiberglass and it ripped all her skin off after the photo-shoot. Why anyone would do that instead of using water soluble honey is beyond me. Perhaps they had a problem with bears where the photo was shot and they didn’t want to take any chances on the set.

So apparently she went to the studio just as the band was recording the track “Love Roller Coaster”, and when she threatened the Ohio Players manager with a lawsuit he stabbed her to death in the studio! Another variation states that the band themselves killed her because she was a groupie that would not leave them alone, and other less interesting variations on the “groupie” scenario.

Listen to the “scream” at 2:33, it is kind of creepy.

The truth is the scream is really there on the track, but it’s Billy Beck screeching off-mike and they decided to leave it on to give the song a looser feel. There are plenty of these types of casual slips on OP’s records. During live performances of this song Billy Beck often screams and laughs during the percussion break. The band stated that they were big fans of the “Paul is dead” hype The Beatles were able the generate, so when a popular DJ in New Jersey began spreading the rumor they made a decision to remain quiet to add to the hype.

One Response to Music Mystery #398 – Love Rollercoaster

  1. i don’t know what to believe, every story makes perfect sense. But if you listen closely, that is a scream. No matter who it was (not the band members), it is in fact a scream.
    but why would someone lie about something like that??

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