CCR’s “Effigy” by Uncle Tupelo

Creedence Clearwater Revival put out an astonishing amount of good material in the few years of their existence.  Best-ofs cannot cover it all–neither Chronicle, their most famous best-of, nor Chronicle, Volume 2, their second most famous, contains this song.  (AMG tells me that, strangely, some gas-station budget best-ofs do, but you likely didn’t pick up any of those.)  The original is the final track on Willy and the Poor Boys.

As one who speaks from experience, Uncle Tupelo has changed many a life.  I will write more about them later, but for now, here’s their cover of CCR’s “Effigy.”

They slow it down and give it the full Neil Young treatment.  This works so well, you wonder why it took someone a quarter-century to think of it.  Or maybe it just seems obvious in retrospect.

This version is available on the spotty ’90s benefit comp, No Alternative, and Uncle Tupelo’s “best-of.” (Scare quotes because I have my quarrels with it.)

The CCR catalog will be re-released in a week or two.


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