Awesome Cover Corner: Division Day – “More Than This

Jesus, this blog sure does have a lot of corners!  Anyway, there’s a band out there from LA called Division Day, and I’m becoming a fan.  It’s taken me a long time to warm up to their music, but I’m definitely getting there.  There were a few obstacles in my way that initially kept me from just enjoying their music outright:

  1. Their band name, “Division Day”, for some reason sounds to me like one of those awful emo bands that just won’t go away, like Saves The Day.  This confusion, caused by nothing other than my weird brain, kept me away from giving them a proper listen for quite some time.
  2. My first contact with the band was through a cover song, randomly downloaded from some other mp3 blog.  I downloaded the song and then never listened to it, and it just happened to come up one day when I had my iPod on shuffle.  I subsequently fell in love with their slowed down interpretation of an 80’s classic.  However, this kept me from grasping their original stuff for quite a bit longer.

Now, having had time to let the novelty of their excellent cover wear off a bit, I have given their other songs a listen and find myself enjoying them more and more with each play.  Regardless, I am still in love with the cover.  Below you will find a YouTube video of them performing “More Than This” by Roxy Music.  As an added bonus, if you are willing to visit Division Day’s MySpace page, you will find the studio version of the song available for free download.  As usual, enjoy!


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