The Fly Versus the Evil Dead

The good news is that the opera version of David Cronenberg’s The Fly has come to the colonies.  The bad news is that it apparently isn’t very good.  While the New York Times pans the opera pretty hard, the review does include a nude picture of star Daniel Okulitch…for the ladies.

Well, hell.  I actually had hoped it would be good, and come to Austin at some point.  Of course, critics aren’t always right (unless that critic is me) so maybe I’ll give it a shot if the summer stock rolls through town.  Those curious can check it out here, or so I’m told.  I couldn’t get the media player to work.

Better received is Evil Dead: The Musical, which I hope to watch on video during the next week or two (a friend of mind has a copy through means I’m sure are completely legal).  Evil Dead 2 is one of the most awesome things ever committed to film, and there were a lot of film geeks who weren’t all that surprised that director Sam Raimi went on to massive mainstream success with the Spider-Man franchise.

In fact, Evil Dead: The Musical has been so well received that original director Sam Raimi is rumored to be involved in bringing it to the big screen.  In 3-D no less.  I’m there.

“What the F*ck Was That?”:


2 Responses to The Fly Versus the Evil Dead

  1. Alex LaPointe says:

    “Well, hell. I actually had hoped it would be good, and come to Austin at some point.”

    I admire your optimism.

  2. Matt says:

    Incidentally, Evil Dead: The Musical is going to be in Austin.

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