Lyle Lovett – “Friend Of The Devil”

Continuing the theme of the week of country covers of non-country songs, here’s a clip of Lyle Lovett performing the Grateful Dead’s “Friend Of The Devil”.  While the Grateful Dead did have deep roots in country and Americana, they were never considered a country band, so this stands as a coutnry cover of a rock song. 

Using acoustic guitar and bass, lightly tapped bongos, and an understated cello, Lovett adds his incomparable singing voice to coax out the sweet melody and emotion of one of the Dead’s best and most endearing songs.  The end result is an impeccably gorgeous cover, one that stands right up there with the original.

Unfortunately, embedding is disabled on the YouTube video, so you’ll have to click here to hear it.  It’s worth it.


One Response to Lyle Lovett – “Friend Of The Devil”

  1. Excellent pick. Wish I had thought of it first!

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