Two Out of Four Beatles are Rolling in Their Graves

Woohoo!  Country covers week!  I will start my week out by posting yet another musical travesty, this one from the show that everyone loves to hate, “American Idol”.  In season 7 of AI, it became very apparent to much of the viewing audience that AI was slipping.  In a desperate bid for ratings and future album sales, producers attempted to stack the deck by recruiting several singers who had already had experience in the music industry, including Ireland-born Carly Smithson, Australia-born Michael Johns, and aspiring country artist Kristy Lee Cooke.

All three of these young “amateur” singers had already been signed to various record labels in their past careers in the music industry.  One would have thought that with such talent, the audience would have been treated to some very slick and professional performances, but that was often not the case.   Carly Smithson showed that she could do little more than oversing and screech in the vein of Celine Dion, Michael Johns was limited to doing a pale imitation of Jim Morrison week after week, and then there’s Kristy Lee Cook.  I’m not quite sure how to categorize what she did, but it was invariably awful.

Case in point:  the producers of AI finally got their grubby paws on the music of the Beatles, and to mark the occasion, they had not one, but two weeks straight of Beatles songs from the contestants.  It was in her first week of Beatles tunes that Kristy Lee Cook absolutely murdered a classic by adding a gaggle of goofy, stereotypical fiddles, steel guitar, and nervous vocals that couldn’t quite keep pace with the frenetic percussion.  It was not a pretty sight.  When drunk ass Paula Abdul can’t even tell you how pretty you look and how talented you are, you know you fucked up!  Here’s “Eight Days a Week” performed by Kristy Lee Cook.


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