Class Act: Neil Diamond Offers Fans Refunds After Lousy Show


Why can’t more people be like this?

Singer and songwriter Neil Diamond is offering audiences of a recent Ohio concert a refund and asking for their forgiveness after he performed with a raspy voice earlier this week.

Diamond, 67, was diagnosed with acute laryngitis after the August 25 show in Columbus, Ohio, and the “Sweet Caroline” singer released a statement on his website Tuesday apologizing to fans through the lyrics of his past hit, “Play Me.”

“Dear Fans in Columbus, I haven’t let you down before and I won’t let you down now,” Diamond said. “Until you hear from me again remember, You are the sun, I am the moon. You are the words. I am the tune. Forgive me. I love you.”

The last time I saw Social Distortion, I think Mike Ness was drunk.  The playing was incredibly sloppy and the set was short.  I paid $35 of my hard-earned money for the pleasure of getting pissed about being ripped off.  No refund was offered.

It’s nice to see that someone out there realizes that concerts are quite a sacrifice for some people.  In addition to the ticket price, there are the ridiculous service fees, parking, babysitter if you have kids, rapacious food and drink prices, and so on.  If people are willing to go through all that  just to see you perform, you owe them the best that you can do.

Good on Neil Diamond.  It makes me wish I hadn’t had to pan his last album.  Now I feel like I should write a good review of 12 Songs, which deserves one, to make up for it.

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