“Taboo” by Gene Summers

I discovered this song on the Lux & Ivy’s Favorites compilations I wrote about awhile back.

Information on this song is hard to come by. According to Wikipedia, it was recorded in Fort Worth in 1959, and according to All Music Guide, it written by Summers’ band-mate Eddie Wayne Hill, who died in a car crash in 1962. So far as I know, it has only been available on CD once, on an overseas various artists compilation called Born Bad, Volume 7, long out of print–despite its awesomeness, it isn’t on any of Gene Summers’ best-of compilations.

I think it deserves wider exposure, so I threw together this quickie slide show video.

Seems like it’s ripe for inclusion on a cool film noir soundtrack.


3 Responses to “Taboo” by Gene Summers

  1. LaDonya (Hill) Collins says:

    Hello. I’m Eddie Wayne Hill’s daughter. I’m sure that song was written with my auburn-haired mother in mind.


  2. How interesting! I hope you enjoyed my attempt to expose the song a little bit.

    Do you know if anyone has ever covered it? If not, someone should. It’s a real gem.

  3. LaDonya (Hill) Collins says:

    Thank you, that’s very kind of you. Unfortunately, I have no idea. I continuously search for any songs he wrote and/or recordings he made, as I do not have a complete set of his music. His life was cut very short and his recordings were not gathered together, as far as I know. Mr. Summers is still around, although I have never met him. Perhaps you could contact him? He may know.

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