Album Review: D Generation – D Generation

As I posited in my introduction to the band, I think the chief reason D Generation never took off as expected was that their sound wasn’t right for the times–“What kind of music are you guys?”, singer Jesse Malin asks in “Guitar Mafia,” imitating some early-’90s-era scenester. “Are you alternative?”

However, D Generation’s doomed quest for a hit was not at all aided by the weaknesses of their 1994 debut. The primary cause of these weaknesses isn’t D Generation, who mount furious performances of a number of good-to-great songs. The problem is the production, which is pretty much the same for each one of those songs–a treble-heavy, ’80s-metal sound that isn’t quite appropriate to the material and just doesn’t sound all that good.

The result is that I tend to tune out a little more than a third of the way through the record, This is a shame because although the album is definitely top-heavy, there are good songs after that point: “Falling,” the single “Wasted Years,” and “Frankie” for starters.

No doubt the band recognized that the production was a problem when they decamped from Chrysalis/EMI for Columbia for their second album, the vastly improved No Lunch, because they took four of the best songs from D Generation with them. They did leave some gems behind, though.

Start with No Lunch, but consider D Generation for further exploration if No Lunch inspires you. It’s not great, particularly if you already have those four superior No Lunch renditions, but it is available for almost nothing.

“No Way Out” is the classic from D Generation, but we will hear the No Lunch version of that song in the next post in this series. For this post, we will listen to a couple of songs that were left behind.

“Guitar Mafia”:

“Sins of America”:

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  1. Jill says:

    There are no women in this blog…

    Who’s supposed to drool over Usher and Justin Timberlake??

  2. Yeah, we tried to recruit a girl but she wouldn’t commit (maybe she was actually a boy).

    Perhaps you can write a guest post drooling over Usher and Justin. We cover a lot of territory, but we’ve been remiss in that area.

    I’m sure after the ladies are done reading about JT, they’ll check out the other things we’ve written about and immediately go rent Two Thousand Maniacs.

  3. Jill says:

    I wouldn’t be able to write a thing about Usher.

    As for JT, he was in a crazy ass movie called Southland Tales that came out in ’06. He lipsynced and danced to “Things I’ve Done” by The Killers.

    Check it out.

    What does it take for me to fall in love with Justin? That Clip.

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