Muchas Gracias to Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce!

Muchas gracias to the fine folks at Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce (The Official Hot Sauce of On Deaf Ears), who were kind enough to send us some complimentary bottles.  Our very first swag!

I had some on my pizza this evening and found it to be quite delicious.  I look forward to having more this weekend in a more traditional setting–chili and/or breakfast tacos.

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce was created by Dexter Holland of The Offspring.  To celebrate, here’s an Offspring song I always liked but that didn’t get enough airplay in the Austin area (unless they were very good at playing it when I wasn’t listening to the radio).  “All I Want”:

"All I Want" by The Offspring

Someday I’m going to put together a compilation of awesome songs that are under two minutes long.


4 Responses to Muchas Gracias to Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce!

  1. Jason Austinite says:

    Got mine yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to put it on anything yet, but I put a dab on the old finger and it tasted great. It has a decent kick to it, too.

    Thanks, Ese!

  2. Jason Austinite says:

    P.S. Gordon, sorry to correct your Spanish grammar, but it’s “muchas gracias.”

  3. Cover up? What cover up?

  4. blast says:

    fucking shit sauce like no tomorrow fucka! lets drink a hella fuck bot.

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