Don’t Bring Me Down……..Brrrrrrruce?

For years and years I have pondered the lyrics of the song Don’t Bring Me Down by E.L.O. and have asked my self this question: Who in the hell is Bruce?

This morning I just couldn’t take it anymore and looked it up on Wikipedia. Here’s what they had to say.

“Don’t Bring Me Down” is a song by the Electric Light Orchestra, the last track from their 1979 album Discovery. This was the first song by ELO not to include a string section. It was also the band’s biggest hit in the United States, peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Song Meaning
The song is dedicated to the NASA Skylab space station, which reentered the Earth’s atmosphere over the Indian Ocean and Western Australia on July 11, 1979.

A common mondegreen in the song is the perception that, following the title line, Jeff Lynne shouts “Bruce!” . However, according to liner notes, he is actually saying a made-up word “Groos”. This is similar to a German word for “greeting”, Gruß possibly referring to the Bavarian greeting Grüß Gott the group would have heard while recording the album in Munich. However, after the song’s release, so many people had misinterpreted the word as Bruce that the band actually changed the lyrics and began to sing the word as Bruce.

Okay, that straightened things up a bit. Now what the hell is a mondegreen Wikipedia?

A mondegreen is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase, typically a standardized phrase such as a line in a poem or a lyric in a song, due to near homophony.

Thanks Wikipedia!

Watch this video and revel in Jeff Lynne’s amazing fro!

Everything you wanted to know about Don’t Bring Me Down but were afraid to ask.

6 Responses to Don’t Bring Me Down……..Brrrrrrruce?

  1. Great post. One of life’s eternal mysteries solved.

    On the next episode of Alex LaPointe, French-Canadian Music Detective:

    “Rolled up like a douche in the middle of the night.”

  2. Jason Austinite says:

    Ohhhh, I always thought it was “Wrapped up like a douche.”

    Thanks, Gordon!

  3. mattmck01 says:

    “Mondegreen” Thats a great new word! I didn’t know the Skylab connection to that song. For some reason my mother was convinced that Skylab was gonna fall on me. I was born a couple weeks before it came down and I guess she had post-partem paranoia.

    Favorite mondegreen: In the Huey Lewis song “Doin It All For My Baby” I thought the line, “I do my best to give her love that lasts forever” was in fact “…to give her love and sasparilla” I was a weird kid.

  4. normalnorman says:

    “Pour some shook-up Ramen”

  5. Alex LaPointe says:

    ‘Bingo Jed Had a Light On” – Steve Miller Band

  6. “The girl with colitis goes by.”

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