Two Thousand Maniacs!

Every classic splatter flick fan knows of the legendary 1964 film Two Thousand Manics! directed by splatter flick pioneer Herschell Gordon Lewis. If you haven’t seen it, please rent it. It’s a great movie to show your potential lover on a first date. In fact, why not rent the whole H.G. Lewis Blood Trilogy: Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs!, and Color Me Blood Red. If your date doesn’t freak out, then you know he and/or she is cool and someone worth dating. However, you should ALWAYS wait at least one year before taking them to Comic-Con. In addition to being a kick ass splatter flick, Two Thousand Maniacs! is also an important educational film that should be required viewing for any Yankee “carpet baggers” planning a road trip to the deep South. Hey, is there a band called “The Carpet Baggers”? There has to be, if not I hereby declare a copyright for the band name “The Carpet Baggers”. Anyone reading this blog is legally a witness! But first, we’re gonna have a “barrel role”!

H.G Lewis was a true renaissance man. In addition to directing, writing, and producing Two Thousand Maniacs!, Lewis also wrote and sang the theme song. Check out the original 1964 trailer for the film, featuring a hilarious lengthy disclaimer, obviously meant to claim rather than disclaim!

Yeee, Haw! Oh the South’s gonna rise again!

Here’s a neat clip, a few months before his 80th birthday, H.G. Lewis himself performed the theme song to Two Thousand Maniacs! at Rue Morgues Festival of Fear in Toronto, Canada last summer.

The film Two Thousand Manics! should not be confused with those rabble rousing college rock, jangle pop, yankee carpet baggers 10,000 Maniacs from New York City……….NEW YORK CITY!!…..get a rope!


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