New Music: Snowman – The Horse, the Rat, and the Swan

Snowman, a band from Perth, Australia, have released a new record.  It’s full of shouted, punk-like vocals, hard, thumping percussion, and lots of ambient noise.  It’s a difficult album to describe, because the band mashes together several different styles, such as Sex Pistols style vocals, industrial noise a la My Bloody Valentine, and the occasional surf punk guitar riff.  On the whole, it all sounds very new and excellent.  Could these guys be Australia’s best band?  They could be indeed.  Here’s a video of their song “We Are The Plague.”

Also, while we’re talking about Australian bands, this is far from new, but I really like Silverchair’s song “Straight Lines” from their 2007 album Young Modern.  There are several alarm bells going off in my head telling me I should not like this song, but I can’t help it.  Very catchy.


4 Responses to New Music: Snowman – The Horse, the Rat, and the Swan

  1. I know you posted this so I could reminisce about that time about eleven years ago that I drove out to a party at a farm near College Station to see squint. You were there, if I remember correctly.

    The first band came on, and it was a bunch of 16 year olds dressed in regular-looking t-shirts and stuff. If memory serves, the lead singer was this tall, blond dude–I think he sort of looked like Christian Laettner in his Duke days.

    All of a sudden he launches into full-on cookie monster vocals and announces, “We are…Plague!” Then proceeds the death-metal “onslaught” including the unforgettable lyric:

    [blah blah blah] 666!
    There’s nothing wrong with me that a needle won’t fix!

    It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. My girlfriend wanted to jump on stage and pinch their precious little cheeks.

    “We are…Plague!”

    Maybe you had to be there.

  2. Jason Austinite says:

    Hmm, I’m failing to see the connection. I was there and remember it well, but do I take that to mean that you are comparing Snowman to Plague? Because they sound nothing alike in my memory.

  3. You posted a song called “We are the Plague” which couldn’t help but remind me of “We are…Plague!” I assume Snowman were at the party, too, which inspired them to name their song that many years later, even though it was in a completely different genre. That’s the most logical explanation.

  4. Jason Austinite says:

    Ah, it all comes together. Wasn’t paying attention to the song title.

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