Bettye LaVette with the Drive-by Truckers

I confess unfamiliarity with Detroit soul singer Betty LaVette’s music, although I’ve read about her (quite positively) on several occasions. Via this Stereogum article, I discovered that the Drive-by Truckers were her backing band on 2007’s The Scene of the Crime.

Somehow I missed this. I’ll assume others did, too, and post this even though the album is nearly a year old.

I own all of the Drive-by Truckers’ studio albums, so I’m definitely intrigued. The Drive-by Truckers have been known to destroy lesser universes live, and it sounds like LaVette may have the same superpower. Did they take this on the road? If not, they should.

You can get an MP3 of Bettye’s take on Don Henley’s “You Don’t Know Me At All” here.

Drive-by Truckers videos that aren’t live performances are hard to come by for some reason–if it’s a record company crackdown on fan videos, at least put up some official videos! Anyway, here’s one–“Never Gonna Change” from 2004’s The Dirty South.


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