Bummed: Emmylou Harris cancels my birthday concert

My sweetheart Emmylou had planned a very special concert for my birthday on Wednesday, and my friends can tell you how excited I was.

Sadly, she’s had to cancel due to a family emergency. To say I’m disappointed would understate the situation considerably. Devastatingly crushed and heartbroken is more like it. Of course, my disappointment means nothing next to a family emergency, so Emmylou and her family are in my prayers. Whatever the situation is, I hope everything ends up fine. Please come back soon!

Here’s a beautiful song from The Ballad of Sally Rose, which is out of print in the States but readily available as an import. The record is a bit obscure and shouldn’t be–it’s a concept album that is a fictional account of her relationship with the great Gram Parsons, and it’s quite good. I’ll get around to writing a real review one of these days, but in the meantime, here’s “Sweet Chariot.”

Rock of ages, cleft for me,

I swung down my hammer out in Joshua Tree


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