Zorro: A Cracking New Musical!

A riot of sword fighting, rope swinging, and exuberant flamenco dancing and singing!

I freaking love Zorro and sword fighting stuff, and, as one of the few straight men who will admit in public to liking musicals, I’d actually go see this. If I had a hot date. While wearing a football jersey. And chewing Copenhagen. And carrying a concealed handgun. Immediately after declaring war on some shitty little country just because it got on my nerves.

That said, I’m a tad concerned that the end product may be more like this…

…than this:

I now present to you one of the greatest TV theme songs in the history of the entire history of everything that has ever existed. Has anyone covered this song? If not, I may found my own band for the sole purpose of performing this song. We play this song and leave the stage, and then for the encore, we play this song again. That is, if we don’t die prior to the encore by being smothered by the immense number of panties being thrown on stage.

My sword is a flame–

To right every wrong–

So heed well my name.

…a “Z” that stands for Zorro!

Whatever happened to Zorro and Son?


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