The Continuing Cross-Cultural Crisis: Snoop Conquers the Globe

With his well documented upcoming foray into “bluegrass” music, Snoop Dogg has furthered his cross-genre invasion in directions that many would have never imagined.  Now, a new article in the New York Times reveals that Snoop is going global.  Seems Snoop has filmed a guest role in the upcoming Bollywood flick Singh is Kinng.  Today India, tomorrow the world!  Represent dat punjabi!

Here’s a video of a song from the flick.  It would probably be better if Snoop was not in it at all, but whatever.  I’m trying very hard not to make any “fo’ shizzle” jokes.

If I may make a small recommendation, Snoop, for your next Indian crossover project, please contact Daler Mehndi.  You, and more importantly, we will not be disappointed.


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