Foals and Me: 4 Months Behind the Curve

If your like me, and I know I am, you’ve got ADD! This has happened to me a couple times in the last few years. I’m online reading rave reviews of some album album that I might like to hear so I decided to download it which takes several minutes, then my ADD kicks in and as I look out the window at a humming bird, or a blue car, or decide to start playing the guitar even though I’m already late for something and I totally forget about the download which eventually finds it’s way amongst the 11,000 plus songs in my iTunes. Then several months later, I’m looking through my iTunes and there it is. The album I wanted to listen to all those months ago, then it becomes my new favorite album (for at least a few minutes, until the ADD kicks in again). Well that happened with Foals’ relatively still new album “Antidotes”. (it came out ion March 10th of 2008). To me it’s kind of like putting on an old pair of jeans and finding a twenty in the pocket.

Check out the video for Cassius the first single off of “Antidotes” (Vegans Beware) I hope no one got salmonella from all those raw animal hearts.


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