Allegedly, when the original, Tim Burton directed “Batman” was released in 1989, it broke box office records all over the world except for Finland where it tanked. It did great in other Scandinavian countries so Warner Brothers sent some guys to Finland to investigate. Apparently, when the art department was putting the promo materials together in the US, something was lost in translation and the Finnish title of Batman literally translated to Flying Mouse Man. This probably happened because whomever originally translated the text, didn’t know the Finnish word for “bat” and used “flying mouse” instead. No one in the US caught the mistake and they shipped out the film and promo materials to theaters who displayed “FLYING MOUSE MAN” all over their marquees. Maybe in Finland they just thought is was going to be a stupid comedy like all of Michael Keaton’s other movies, except for Gung-Ho, that movies was the shazz-bot.


2 Responses to FLYING MOUSE MAN

  1. jllvalentine says:

    I remember that movie. Wasn’t it a musical?

  2. Alex LaPointe says:

    How do you fill a cape Rolling Stone? You can fill every other article of clothing EXCEPT for a cape. A cape is filled with air.

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