Replacements Reissues Announced

Rhino will finish its expansive reissue campaign of Replacements albums with remastered and expanded editions of their four full-lengths for Sire: 1985’s Tim, 1987’s Pleased to Meet Me, 1989’s Don’t Tell a Soul, and 1990’s All Shook Down

These deluxe editions, out September 23, serve as a follow-up to Rhino’s April 22 reissues of the ‘Mats Twin/Tone discs. Amongst the various bonus tracks included on these new sets are recording sessions with the Ramones’ Tommy Erdelyi and Big Star’s Alex Chilton as well as a song featuring Tom Waits (“Date to Church”).

Story and track listing here.

There’s still some stuff missing, despite plentiful bonus tracks. The live The Sh*t Hits the Fans, or any tracks from it, is MIA–it really should have been appended to Stink, even though that wouldn’t have been exactly chronological. Also missing are the tracks from the promo-only Inconcerated Live album, most conspicuously, “Another Girl, Another Planet.” There are others.

To acquire many, but not all, of the missing Replacements songs requires the purchase of the “best-of,” All For Nothing/Nothing For All, a rip-off package where disc one contains only Sire material and disc two is rarities, so that casual fans, who may not realize they’re missing out on great stuff from the Twin/Tone years, pay for a bunch of b-sides that they’ll never listen to, and obsessive fans pay for a bunch of stuff they already own. For shame. And record companies wonder why so few people feel guilty when ripping them off?

On the whole, it’s a good reissue series, but Replacements fans are nothing if not fanatical, so these omissions come as a disappointment. Really, a two-CD Rare Replacements supplemental set would have made a lot more sense than scattering bonus tracks all over creation and skipping a bunch of rare material. Unfortunately, that’s the record company way, even a good record company like Rhino.


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