Hallelujah! The Jayhawks Reunite.

This is exciting news–Mark Olson has rejoined the Jayhawks.

The Jayhawks’ third album and major-label debut, 1992’s Hollywood Town Hall, is a five-star classic, and their 1995 follow-up, Tomorrow the Green Grass, is almost as good. After that album, Mark Olson left the band, taking both his excellent songwriting and voice that harmonized beautifully with partner Gary Louris away with him.

I haven’t bought a Jayhawks album since. I’ve heard some of their later songs on the radio–some I liked (Louris is no slouch as a songwriter, either), some I didn’t, but nothing inspired me to go plunk down some money. It just didn’t feel like the Jayhawks to me.

I will definitely be plunking down money for Ready for the Flood, which comes out in September.

Here’s “Waiting for the Sun,” the opening track on Hollywood Town Hall:

Update: Not exactly a Jayhawks reunion…see comments. Good enough for me, though.


2 Responses to Hallelujah! The Jayhawks Reunite.

  1. Shawnte says:

    FYI – This is actually not “The Jayhawks” – it’s a totally new project by Mark & Gary! Of course, you can expect some very excellent song writing and harmonies :) Stay tuned…

  2. Ah, yes…a closer reading of the article reveals that the author never actually says that the album will be put out under the name “The Jayhawks.” No matter–I’ll buy it anyway.

    Looks like you’ve got a pretty cool job! I really need to write a post on Arthur Alexander (and buy that album)…

    Maybe your company could get in touch with the Feelies?

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