Happy Birthday, Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls

Today would mark the 56th birthday of John Anthony Genzale, Jr., aka Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls.  Thunders’ guitar style was a prime influence on the punk rock genre.  Johnny Thunders passed away under mysterious circumstances in 1991.  Here’s a great 1973 performance of “Personality Crisis” by the New York Dolls on “The Midnight Special.”

Please try to forget the fact that David Johansen would later become Buster Poindexter, no matter how ironically he portrayed the character.


2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls

  1. That clip was dope. I love how exactly two people in the audience know the song and the rest just look confused. There are lots of crappy semi-legal New York Dolls live albums–why isn’t this performance available?

  2. Alex LaPointe says:

    DUDE!!! I saw the NYD’s at “The Detroit Bar” in Costa Mesa in May. I met David Johansen and he is one of the weirdest looking dudes I’ve ever seen. He’s like 5’4″ and looked like he weighed about 90 pounds. So basically he’s like a 9 year old girl with a 54 year old man’s head. CREEEPY!

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