Switchburn [Austin based site gets it right]

I just stumbled across this new site, Switchburn and am pretty amazed.  These guys go out and film live performances in Austin in mutli-camera/multi-angle fashion and then put everything together for your viewing pleasure.

The site, which also features a blog, says it’s in Beta, but it looks pretty sharp to me.  So far, it looks like it’s mainly geared toward Austin locals, but is picking up steam.  Check out live performances by …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Shout Out Louds and Colour Revolt (I was actually at this show and didn’t notice anyone taping… these guys are GOOD!!)

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  1. Jason Austinite says:

    I am officially in love with this site, if only for the fact that they have two videos up from the Wrens’ 7/21/07 Emo’s show.

    My favorite band. A show I was at. What could be better? Too bad they didn’t get the performance of “Boys You Won’t” when they pulled me and a bunch of other folks up onstage.

    Thanks, Norman!


  2. Nice beta. If anyone from Switchburn stumbles upon this, the front page could use some user-friendly tweaking. Where’s the search box?

    I asked a friend of mine about this site. He’d never heard of it, which was sort of funny as there are two recordings of his band on there.

    Everyone, please visit this site so that it gets lots of hits and prompts WordPress to make it as easy to embed these videos as it is YouTube videos. Unfortunately, that probably won’t work, as the three-panel setup will be too wide for most if not all templates (including this one). I’m going to screw around with it for awhile though and see if I can get ‘er to go.

    Update: WordPress does not allow Shockwave, so no embedded Switchburn videos here. Boo.

  3. Jason Austinite says:

    Up at the very top of the Switchburn site, next to the site name, there’s a link that says “BROWSE & SEARCH VIDEOS.” If you click on that, you can browse by band name, and there’s also a search box on that page. Took me a little while to figure that out, though. They should definitely have a search box on the main page.

  4. Oh, I figured it out. I was just putting on my former software tester and permanent crank hat.

  5. Thanks everyone! yes.. there will a search box on the home page and better overall integration soon (in the works now!) As far as beta goes, we are working on a lot more video interactivity at the moment, what you see now is only the beginning…

    @Jason – Yeah, when everyone got on stage at the Wrens show that was killer! When we catch our breath we will be releasing some “from the vault” type stuff, and I will put “Boys You Won’t” on there….

    @Gordon – better embeddable players are also on the way! I am currently leading all development and design of the site… so I’m stretched a little thin but it on my list!

    @Everyone – Come say Hello if you see us out, we also throw a meetup.com event once a month, if you want to stop by and let us buy you a beer!

  6. Jason Austinite says:

    Sweet! I’d pay money for that “Boys You Won’t Vid” (please don’t ask me for money!). Keep up the good work on your site. It’s looking good!

  7. Thanks for dropping in! I’ll keep an eye out for your meetups, and look for you at shows, although, according to Norman, you’re pretty hard to spot.

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