Morris Day and the Time on Tour, Prepare for New Album

Somebody get Kevin Smith some tissues, because I’m sure he just splooged himself.  As a follow up to the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis post, there’s some news from the group that spawned the famous production duo’s career.  This article from the Detroit Free Press has revealed that Morris Day and the Time, in addition to their current 15 stop live tour, are readying plans for a new album, their first in eighteen years. 

All of this hubbub was sparked by the positive reaction to the band’s February performance at the Grammy’s, which was probably witnessed by the seven people who actually still watch the Grammy’s.

To quote Mr. Day from his performance in the 1984 film Purple Rain, “Let’s have some action! Let’s have some asses wigglin’… I want some perfection!”


One Response to Morris Day and the Time on Tour, Prepare for New Album

  1. It should be noted that this is the full lineup, including the awesome Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

    What’s up with Kevin Smith and Minneapolis bands? He’s put Soul Asylum songs in at least three of his movies, but he’s not from Minneapolis or anywhere close–I was so convinced he was due to that and The Time that I had to look it up even though all of his movies are set in New Jersey. I’m all for Great White North props, especially when he highlights a song as great as “We 3” in a move as great as Chasing Amy, but I am a bit puzzled.

    If they play Austin, I’m there.

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