Snoop Dogg Readies Bluegrass Album (Part 3)

I have made it my duty to make sure that readers of this blog have the absolute latest in breaking Snoop Dogg Bluegrass Album news. Someone needs to chronicle this fine project as it develops, and that someone is me.

And there is some news to report, dear reader. No, I don’t know the album’s release date. No, I haven’t heard any songs from it, legally or otherwise. But, there is fresh news regarding Snoop’s continuing forays into country music:

You never thought to ask for it, but you got it: The forthcoming Johnny Cash Remixed album will feature “a performance from Snoop Dogg” on “I Walk The Line.”

The snippets on the project’s official site didn’t impress me much, with the possible exception of “Country Boy” re-imagined as disco (Windows Media format). Alas, no Snoop snippets (snoopets?) available yet.

Who knew these guys would turn out to be pioneers?


One Response to Snoop Dogg Readies Bluegrass Album (Part 3)

  1. Jason Austinite says:

    1. Based on the Johnny Cash Remixed video clip, this album will be unequivocally awful. But that’s okay, I won’t be buying it, so more power to them.

    2. I think we should petition the gubmint to permanently replace the word “snippets” with “snoopets.”

    3. I hate you for posting that Rednex video. They should have called their group “Sweden Inbreedin'”

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