The Feelies Reunite

Feelies - Crazy RhythnsThe Feelies reunited for a one-off July 4th show in NYC with Sonic Youth–how cool a show would that have been?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to indicate that their four albums will be coming back into print, which is a real shame. My copy of their classic debut, Crazy Rhythms, is long gone and it costs a fortune to buy a used copy.

A re-release of Crazy Rhythms was announced for earlier this year, but it never came out. I made many fruitless trips to the record store hoping it would be there. Now, this blog post from a few months back is all I can find on the subject. Very disappointing.

Here’s the centerpiece of Crazy Rhythms, “Moscow Nights.” The song has a long fade-in, so don’t be concerned if nothing seems to be coming out of your speakers.

Update: Following the lead of Pete from Flowering Toilet in the comments, I went to the New York Times‘ archives–writer Jon Pareles looks to be a huge fan, because he got not one but two Feelies pieces published in the span of three days, which is great coverage for an obscure band that hasn’t played together in seventeen years.  Show review here, and story here.  Story reveals:

Its albums have slipped out of print, though the Feelies own the rights to “Crazy Rhythms” and “The Good Earth” and are negotiating to have them reissued.

Great news.  Thanks for the heads-up, Pete.

PS: I’m just scratching the surface, but Flowering Toilet looks to be a pretty neat blog.  Check it out.


2 Responses to The Feelies Reunite

  1. Pete says:

    In the recent NYTimes article on the Feelies reunion Glenn Mercer states that the band has purchased the rights to both Crazy Rhythms and The Good Earth and plans to reissue them. No word on an expected release date, label or the fate of the two A&M albums.

  2. That’s great news! I need to dig that article up.

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