Concert Review: Dethklok @ Austin Music Hall

Shortly after parking the car, picking up my tickets from will call, and entering the Austin Music Hall did I realize that my fears (and hopes) were about to come true… this was HELL!! It was only 8:30 pm and the venue was packed, well over 100 degrees and wreaked of army boots and armpits.  The atmosphere, combined with the ratio of dudes to chicks, and the length of the beer lines was enough to warrant mass suicide.

Yes… definitely HELL!!

What else would you expect from the most brutal metal band ever… DETHKLOK.

Making the jump from Adult Swim cartoon band, to full blown live experience, Dethklok drew a crowd ranging from metal heads, to comic book geeks, to your ordinary, everyday, run of the mill circus freak.  If you’re not familiar with the TV Metalocalypse, the band is not only the world’s largest music act, but it is also the world’s 12th largest economy.  Check out the clip below from an episode where they destroy a town in Finland after unleashing the Kraken via gut pounding metal.

So, back to the show.  Solient Green and Chimaira opened the show, and did a good job of getting the crowd going in the sweltering heat.  The strangest thing of the night was a commercial for the new Battlefield game that aired prior to Dethklok’s roadie doing his thing… very strange stuff.

And then… Dethklok took the stage, opening with the theme song from the show.  Faces began to melt.  The stage setup was simple, yet effective: a decent light setup with a giant screen behind the band, playing video clips… some directly from the show, others made specifically for the tour.  The “live” versions of the characters looked nothing like the cartoon, but they played the part perfectly.

Dethklok trashed on through brilliantly brutal versions of Awaken, Mermaider (mermaid + murder), Bloodtrocuted, Go Forth and Die, and my favorite Deathharmonic, boasting the lyrics: “Prepare the laser-beam, we’re gonna use it tonight, engage the laser-beam, it’s gonna end your life.”  Seemlessly intertwining cartoon clips and metal, Dethklok’s stage crew did one hell of a job producing an extremely entertaining show.

The best part of the night, as you may have guessed, was the encore.  The man behind it all, singer and guitar player, as well as voice behind most of the characters, Brendon Small addressed the audience as three different characters (vocalist Nathan Explosion, lead guitarist Skwisgaar Skwigelf, and Pickles the drummer)… in seemless conversation.  As it was the last night of the tour, Small thanked the fans and ended the night with Fansong: “You people out there give us something more than just record sales
You give us something to hate”

Overall, a great show.  On a scale from one to Metal… I give it an 9.5.


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  1. Alex LaPointe says:


  2. Jason Austinite says:

    I was always a huge fan of Brendon’s other animated show, “Home Movies.” Coach McGuirk is genius.

    That said, I didn’t think I would like Dethklok back when it first came out, but I was won over as soon as I heard the main themesong.

  3. Jason Austinite says:

    P.S. I put this up on the metablog. Hope that’s cool. If not, let me know and I’ll take it down.

  4. normalnorman says:

    yea I saw it pop up on there, was pretty excited, thanks!

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