2008 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to my sweetheart Emmylou, the Statler Brothers, Tom T. Hall, and Ernest V. “Pop” Stoneman, all of whom were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year. Lots of music by all of these artists that I have yet to experience–I’ve never even heard of “Pop” Stoneman. So much great music, so little time.

Did you know that Gram Parsons is not in the Hall of Fame? Inexcusable.

Here’s a little-known but very good latter-day Tom T. Hall song, “The Shoes and Dress That Alice Wore.” I can’t embed the video because Universal Music is lame. Guys–I’m trying to promote your artists! Work with me here!


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  1. Jason Austinite says:

    Wow, haven’t thought about Tom T. Hall in quite a while. When I was a wee squirt, I had a children’s album featuring his music that I wore out on my parents’ old turntable. A quick Amazon search yielded this, and a flood of memories:


    I’m willing to bet that the record is still in a stack of old vinyl records in a cabinet in my mom and dad’s house. I should go raid it and “borrow” all of those old records along with the turntable that probably hasn’t seen any use since around 1985.

  2. Peggy says:

    You make a good point. There is a petition to get Gram in the CHMOF here

  3. Will says:

    Thanks for the mention of the Gram Parsons petition, Peggy. We are closing in on 2,000 singers from all over the world, with a concert in the works to deliver the petition to the Hall and CMA.

    Will James
    Exec Director
    Gram Parsons Petition Project (and Party)

  4. Will says:

    That’s “signers”, not “singers” tho many of them are ;)

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