Pitchfork Guide to Summer Releases ’08

Got a few minutes?  Head over to Pitchfork to check out their “Guide to Upcoming Summer Releases ’08,” a pretty comprehensive list of album, EP, and singles releases from the upcoming months.

One interesting tidbit from the very end of the list: In summer ’09, Metallica will release their first studio album since 2003’s disastrous St. Anger, which, despite being one of the worst albums ever, still managed to score a 65 rating on Metacritic.com.  The album will be titled Death Magnetic (is the similarity to the name “Megadeth” meant ironically, or are they just not very smart?), and with a title like that, what could possibly go wrong?  Keep an eye out for the accompanying documentary about James and Lars getting past their differences and finally joining together in a legal civil union.  Those guys are so metal!


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