Hot Bowie-on-Bowie Action!

David Bowie picks twelve of his favorite David Bowie songs, along with about the same number of his favorite fifty-cent words. With the exceptions of “Life on Mars” and “Hang Onto Yourself,” none of these is well known, and giving them more exposure was clearly the point. The article was accompanied by a free CD for lucky Daily Mail subscribers, but the online piece doesn’t have links to anything but a couple of snippets, so I thought I’d rectify that for the rest of us as it gives me a good excuse to listen to some Bowie. As Bowie has written commentary, I’ll keep my comments to a minimum.

Since I’m about to paste in a whole bunch of videos which can lead to slow load times, I’ll throw in one of these:

Ah, you’re back. Let’s get started, then.

Life on Mars

This song is an absolute joy.

Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing

I know the “Candidate” portion of this suite through the Dramarama cover–I was never in a hurry to buy Diamond Dogs since I already had much of it through compilations, although I always meant to get around to it someday (and still do). The song is not a grabber, but it’s cool–I bet it’s great live.

The Bewlay Brothers

I hadn’t listened to this song in a long time, prior to being prompted to by the article. Glad to hear it again. Interesting that he seems to favor his more mellow material for this list. I’m starving for me gravy!

Lady Grinning Soul

This one I hadn’t heard since my copy of Alladin Sane was stolen about twelve years back. Damn, now I need to go out and buy it again.


Never heard this one before, as I don’t own Young Americans. What kind of lousy Bowie fan am I?

Not a bad song, but Dave, is this really one of your favorites?

Some Are

This is a bonus track on the 1991 re-release of the excellent Low album, which is the edition I happen to own. If you like it so much, David, how about giving it a proper release on a collection of rare tracks instead of stapling it to the end of something that’s gone out of print? I know lots of us fans would snap that up.

(At this point, I would like to pause and give some advice to fellow music surfers. Searching YouTube for “David Bowie Win” and “David Bowie Some Are” did not find the songs entitled “Win” and “Some Are” by David Bowie. A Google video search found them…on YouTube. Try Google if you can’t find something you’re looking for.

I would also like to give some advice to YouTube–fix your damned search engine!)

Teenage Wildlife

My copy of Scary Monsters was also stolen. Damn, now I have to go buy that one again, too. Putting together this post is going to cost me some money.

David, would you really trade two “Modern Love(s)” for this? I like this song, but “Modern Love” is something very special. Scary Monsters is a better album than Let’s Dance, though.


From Lodger, my favorite David Bowie album (most days). Love this song. Go buy this album now.

Sorry, live version is all I could find.

Fantastic Voyage

Also from Lodger. I guess he likes the album as much as I do. So now there are two of us telling you to go buy it. What are you waiting for?

Loving the Alien

Seriously? “Loving the Alien”? Do you think the video is good, too?

Is it just me or does “Loving the Alien” sound like a euphamism?

Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t have picked this one.

Time Will Crawl

The lucky newspaper subscribers got a remix of this song. I thought I’d never heard it before until I dug up the video and realized that I’d seen it once or twice on MTV when it came out. I’d be curious to hear the new and improved version.

Hang Onto Yourself (Live, Santa Monica, 1972)

A hot performance of a dope song.

(Note to LiveVideo staff–your search engine sucks even more than YouTube’s.)

[livevideo id=96AEDA4295764EA5B9212CDE89B55275]

An interesting read, and it was fun to go through all of those songs. To me it illustrates something that I already knew–an artist is not always the greatest judge of his own work. There are certainly some gems in there, though, and I hope you’ve found a couple to like (go buy Lodger!).

Coming soon: The obscure Bowie songs I would have picked.

Update: Here they are.


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