Jay Reatard Releases Singles Compilation

Another one for the unititiated here. Indie punk monster Jay Reatard has just released a singles compilation titled Singles 06-07. While those new to the man and his music may notice that this collection only encompasses a mere two years worth of material, the man’s catalogue of thundering two minute punk dittys still provide the goods. Also included are a DVD and several demo versions of songs from the 2006 album Blood Visions.

So, if you’ve never heard of Jay Reatard and would like to get to know the artist, this collection may be the one for you, but I would highly recommend biting the bullet and picking up a copy of Blood Visions instead. Either way you do it, you won’t go wrong, and you’ll get to hear a great artist who blends searing punk with a little 80’s New Wave and some of the garage rock stylings employed by other indie boy wonders the Black Lips. Go ahead, flip a coin. You can’t lose.

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8 Responses to Jay Reatard Releases Singles Compilation

  1. stereocache says:

    reatard does not sit still. have you been following his new 7″ series? check out one of the tracks at my blog. http://stereocache.wordpress.com/2008/07/31/jay-reatard-anounces-next-single-in-series/
    you’ve got a nice site here.

  2. stereocache says:

    sorry that was some weird formatting there.

  3. I will leave it up to the author of the post to decide whether or not the preceding is spam.

  4. Jason Austinite says:

    Nah, not spam.

  5. After having to delete comments from the chick selling Girl Talk t-shirts on numerous occasions, I may have become oversensitive.

  6. I went to listen to the song that stereocache linked in his blog post, and it is indeed bad ass. Humble apologies for the false spam accusation, and thank you for the compliment.

    And when you click on the link to hear the song, you get to see bad ass in the literal meaning of the expression!

  7. Jason Austinite says:

    Indeed it is bad ass. Thanks for the link, dude. Jay Reatard rocks my shit.

  8. […] only dedicated one short blog post to Jay Reatard back in 2008, but I aim to correct that soon.  Watch this space for posthumous […]

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