My, My, My…

The Fly…there’s an opera of The Fly.

Be afraid, be very afraid: David Cronenberg‘s 1986 horror flick, “The Fly,” has undergone a bizarre metamorphosis. It’s now an opera.

The new incarnation, with tenor Placido Domingo conducting a score by Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore (“The Lord of the Rings“), isn’t as gory as the movie. Audiences will be spared close-ups of the title character’s fingernails falling off as he makes the transition from mild-mannered scientist to giant insect.

I love this movie, so I don’t quite know how to react to this, but mark my words: I will be scouring YouTube for highlights–and posting them for your pleasure, dear reader.

With luck, it will be a hit and they’ll do a sequel with Glenn Danzig composing the music. He’s already written the opener…


2 Responses to My, My, My…

  1. Alex LaPointe says:

    I saw “The Fly” on HBO when I was 7 and it scarred me for life.

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