White Denim Release Workout Holiday LP in UK

Austin buzz band White Denim, long touted by the excellent music blog Gorilla vs. Bear, have released Workout Holiday, their first full length record in the UK, which is actually just a compilation of their two US-released EPs, Let’s Talk About It and Workout Holiday.  This precedes their first proper full length LP in the US, Exposion, due out later this summer and previously available at shows as a CD-R titled 11 Songs.  Sorry for all the backstory there.  Confused yet?

Anyway, if you are not familiar with this band yet, it’s time to get on the train.  On first listen, your first instinct will likely be to dismiss them as yet another 60’s garage rock revival band like The Black Keys or The White Stripes.  However, if you stick with them, you will start to hear something new, different, and really exciting.  This is deconstructionist rock ‘n’ roll in a very literal sense.  It’s as if the band has taken bits from iconic bands such as The Stooges, The MC5, and Velvet Underground, cut them up with those little kid scissors we all used in kindergarten, then mashed them back together imprecisely with messy slathers of Elmer’s Glue.  Guitar tracks drop out of songs unexpectedly, drum loops are replaced by thundering fills, and deep bass lines rise up from nowhere to fill out the cacophony.  The masterful studio production makes it feel as though you are following the songs around in your head, watching as they strip off pieces of themselves like the fun drunk chick at a pool party.  It’s all a hell of a lot of fun, and although you can’t get this particular record in the US, I would recommend downloading their Let’s Talk About It EP.

And yes, I did say download.  White Denim are also leading the charge to completely discard the CD medium, opting instead to release their EPs and full lengths only on vinyl and through digital download.  It’s available on iTunes and through Amazon’s download service, as well as others, I’m sure. 


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  1. They filmed the video for “Let’s Talk About It” in my neighborhood. Cool.

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