New Okkervil River, plus non-ACL Austin show

Okkervil River - The Stand-InsThis is old news (last month) but it’s new to me so I’m posting it anyway.

The new Okkervil River album, The Stand-Ins, is coming out September 9th. And, via Sonic Itch (which I am finding increasingly useful and hence adding to our teeny-tiny blogroll–see update to Jason’s Frightened Rabbit post), those of us in Austin will be able to see them at Stubb’s during the ACL Festival. It will be their second show of the day, so I hope they aren’t too tired to deliver the goods.

They’re touring, so those of you elsewhere should go to their site and find out when you can see them. I can’t link directly to the tour dates due to stupid Flash stuff.

Below is a nice little murder ballad, “Westfall,” from Don’t Fall in Love With Everyone You See, which, quite unintentionally I’m certain, has a very similar chord progression to “Michigan” by squint–you can sing one over the other. “Michigan” is not available for online listening so you can’t compare unless you have it already (get on it, Norman!), but you can hear a sample here.

I’m certain I’ll be posting more Okkervil River song links as the album release and Austin show approach, unless Jason beats me to it.


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