How to Rip MP3s

The stereo in my last car didn’t have an auxiliary jack, but it could play MP3s burned onto CD. I hate having my originals in the car–too much risk of damage–so I was very excited about this and quickly burned several disks of MP3s.

I ran into a problem though. Certain songs would have really annoying popping noises when I played them. I ripped using several methods, and the same songs would always have the same popping noises no matter what program I used to rip.

That’s when I discovered this method. The good news is, all of the component parts are free. The bad news is, it’s a little complicated to set up, although nothing that can’t be done if you carefully follow the instructions. It also takes longer to rip than RealPlayer or other commonly-used programs.

It eliminated the popping noises and all of my MP3s sounded noticeably better, whether they originally had popping noises or not. I deleted all of my ripped MP3s and re-ripped them using this method, which was time consuming but worth it.

Now I won’t use anything else, and I preach the gospel of this method any chance I get. Check it out.

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