The Fat/Beach Boys

Like most of you, I have been waiting years for a Fat Boys / Beach Boys reunion tour. Maybe just a Fat Boys Brian Wilson tour and they can play the entire “Smile” album. I think it’s what we all need right now more than anything.


4 Responses to The Fat/Beach Boys

  1. Prince Markie Dee: Hey, I was wondering if you guys’d like to work together on a rap version of your great song “Wipe Out”?

    Whoever else was a Beach Boy at that time: But “Wipe Out” isn’t a Beach Boys s…OUCH!

    Mike Love (putting his foot back in position): Sounds intriguing. What’s our cut?

  2. Jason Austinite says:

    You forgot Brian Wilson’s comment on the matter.

    BW: Mmmphgerrrbllle blarghh. OoooWEEEoooooOOOoooo! Blurmphlbrp.

  3. Alex LaPointe says:

    Only the combined powers of the Beach and Fat boys can transform Asian pedestrians into stylish beachgoers. This power is similar to ZZ Top’s supernatuiral ability to turn a beat-up old jalopy into “The Eliminator”. I’m going to post an article about ‘magic’ things that rock stars can do,

  4. Is that maybe what this movie is about?

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