Phish Reunion? You Enjoy Myself.

Noticing an obvious gap in the “bands I can follow around while spending my parents’ money and doing drugs and generally avoiding any responsibility or general usefulness to society” market, former lead guitarist and singer Trey Anastasio of Phish has hinted here that the band may be on the verge of reuniting.

I must confess, regrettably, that I went through a long Phish phase.  I was a young, naive college student whose musical boundaries had up to that point not been tested much further than your standard alt-rock radio and classic rock fare.  My willingness to step outside of my boundaries, heavily persuaded by a multitude of bong rips, led me to Phish.  I became an expert on the band, purchased all of their albums, and attended four shows here in Austin. 

Years later, I would sober up and realize that the band, while technically very good musicians, sucks balls if you’re sober.  I still have some of their albums (too scratched up to sell to a used record store), and I have a difficult time getting past thirty seconds of any song without turning it off in disgust.  While I will always have a soft spot in my formerly weed-ravaged heart for these lovable goofs and their music (the album A Picture of Nectar in particular), I just can’t stomach listening to any of their music without being stoned off my ass.  That hasn’t happened in probably six or seven years, so I think it’s safe to assume that you won’t catch me flocking to any reunion concerts.  Bring on the flames, hippies!

I can still listen to this one sometimes, though:

**UPDATE** Phish piano player Page McConnell has addressed these rumors himself in a letter on Phish’s website.  Seems there is no reunion coming anytime soon, but possibly in the future.  Sorry to add to the rumor mill, Phish phans.


12 Responses to Phish Reunion? You Enjoy Myself.

  1. Back in their heyday, I had several friends (who shall remain nameless) who were quite into a certain herb and Phish. I never did care for them, perhaps because I did not smoke that certain herb, but I was exposed to a lot of Phish (and perhaps the occasional contact high). But I did go see them–I think it was summer 1994, but it may have been later. It was somewhere in Michigan that wasn’t Lansing or Ann Arbor (Grand Rapids?). It was in an old theater, and the air conditioner was broken, so it was hot as balls, and everyone was drenched in sweat. Given their audience, I’m not sure it would have smelled that much better regardless, but we all had a good excuse for stinking. I don’t remember much about the set, other than that I enjoyed it a lot and I can’t tell you anything they played since I never knew their songs by name anyway. I do remember that they ended with “Highway to Hell.” I’d see them again. If I had a super-hot hippie chick as a date. So I probably won’t see them again.

  2. Alex LaPointe says:


  3. James says:

    Anyone who says they were an “expert” on the band and “regrets it” is laughable. Especially when mocking the touring culture of the band when the “expert” has never left Austin to see them.

    You must be an expert blogger too I guess.

  4. Jason Austinite says:

    Sorry, James. Tastes change. I listened to NKOTB when I was in the sixth grade, but then I grew up.

    I knew many people who actually did follow the band. I could never have afforded to do that since I don’t blow glass or sell drugs, so it wasn’t an option for me, . I don’t even know how I scraped together the money to see the band when I did.

    Although I guess I should qualify my statement. I don’t necessarily regret liking Phish. It happened, I had some fun, but I’m miles away from where I was back then. It was what it was, and it was the beginning of my expansion into less mainstream musical choices, so I did gain something from it. It’s just a shame that I hate Phish’s music now. Don’t know how it happened, but it did.

  5. mattmck01 says:

    Its ok man. I have the Widespread Panic album “Til the Medicine Takes” It sucks too. But “All Time Low” is still a great song. To me. Gotta say though, I still smoke and Phish always sucked. But thats more of a hippie fight than I’m willing to get into. Let’s just say they both play riff-laden, hookless songs for overprivileged trustafarians.

  6. Joshua says:

    It makes me a little sad inside to read that you no longer appreciate the beautiful music that Phish made. I actually fell in love with Phish before I ever experienced marijuana – it can be done.

    “riff-laden, hookless songs for overprivileged trustafarians”

    Thanks for making me laugh mattmck01. I take it you were introduced to Phish circa Farmhouse, huh?

  7. Andrew says:

    never smoked pot ever in my life or done any drugs… phish is the best

  8. DB says:

    All I can say is…your favorite song was “Bouncing Around the Room” and your favorite album was A Picture of Nectar? If you’re going to judge Phish, at least base it off of their live work, and not their studio albums. A real Phish “expert” would know where the band’s true passion and dedication lies. Try to educate yourself on the band before you try to shit all over them…fucking asshole.

  9. Jason Austinite says:

    Yeah, I’m the “fucking asshole” because I don’t like the same music as you. I also at one time owned a shitload of recordings of their live sets and probably would have been able to tell you Page McConnell’s shoe size, but I still lost my taste for them completely. Sorry for having a different opinion than you, DB (no doubt short for “douche bag”). I hope one day you can forgive me.

    By the way, I like how Phish fans can say,
    “Oh, you like that song/album that has an actual melody and isn’t full of tuneless noodling? You’re obviously not a real Phish fan.” No shit. That was the point of the post.

  10. lacey says:

    i smoke a fair amount of weed and i hate phish. what a load of balls its just a bit of a shit jam and shit lyrics, its not flowing and it just seems too…..obvious for me. if i was in the crowed you wouldnt be able to tell me apart from the phish fans but still i hate them. load of comercial balls, its too far far to hypocritical to be all left wing and “yeh man, phish will like, melt your face off dude” when its just a very average band, id have thought so many people trying to be different would like somthing abit more..well different insted of just an average alt-rock band

    jesus wept, now lots of phish fans will be try and convince me that there actualy really good *rolls eyes* yeh i love music, hate phish

    just once more….phish are wank

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  12. bob costas says:

    Yankees rule. Sox are def. gonna’ lose this year. Trey would smash JB anyway. Canoli’s are only good in the summertime when they are hot. and skim was a bad choice. weed is illegal.

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