Indie 103.1 fm is the Greatest Radio Station EVER!

And I personally will fight to the death or otherwise stated to defend their honor. Also if you can find me a better radio station I will strip naked and tattoo “Neil Bung and Krazy Whorse” on my ass while allowing Ted Nugent to shoot flaming arrows at me on at every red-neck state fair in the nation.

They have the perfect format, there is none. You will hear Hot Chip followed by Flogging Molly followed by the Pixies, followed by Foals, followed by the Cure followed by Guided by Voices, followed by Talking Heads followed by Cat Power, followed by Bruce Springsteen, followed by Black Flag…and the list goes on.

Then there’s “Jonesy’s Jukebox” where you can hear the extremely stoned, extremely British, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols playing whatever the hell he feels like playing. If you don’t live in LA or the OC check out their web broadcast here INDI 103 Oh crap…they’re playing “Morphine” right now!!!!! “I’ll throw my drugs all AWAY!! Shit They followed it up with Social Distortion! Listen to them and you will be stoked. If not, I will mail you a years supply of head cheese.


2 Responses to Indie 103.1 fm is the Greatest Radio Station EVER!

  1. I always listen to this when I’m in LA and I used to listen to it at work while doing drudge work at my old job. Then they banned Internet radio. Commies.

    Anyway, great station.

  2. Alex LaPointe says:

    Were the fascist? Or Commies. Maybe the were just Nilists

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