Good Enough

Good EnoughSome band called The Acorn has covered Cyndi Lauper’s “Good Enough” (ridiculously better known as “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” so they could stick it in the movie, even though the song has nothing to do with the Goonies).

I’m not sure I like their take, although I’m appreciative that they didn’t do an “ironic” power-punk version like a million other bands would have done (although it could certainly work that way). Maybe you’ll like their effort better than I did.

According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, Cyndi hates this song, exhibiting the great judgment that caused her career to tank about three seconds after “Change of Heart” left the charts–OK, actually “True Colors,” but I like that song about as much as Cyndi likes “Good Enough.”

Anyway, here’s the fine original. Sorry for the annoying Nintendo video. It had the best sound. You can find several uploads of the Goonies version with inferior sound on YouTube:

Via Stereogum.

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