Snoop Dogg Readies Bluegrass Album (Part 2)

So you were reading the new posts at our little site yesterday, and you saw my announcement of Snoop Dogg’s upcoming bluegrass album. If you’re like most people, you said to yourself, “Man, I need to have that album right now! It’s cruel beyond belief to make me wait for something that’s going to be as awesome as that.”

Well, I can’t make the album come out any sooner, but I can offer you a little taste of what it might be like. Here’s “My Medicine,” from Snoop’s current release, Ego Trippin’. It’s dedicated to Johnny Cash, “a real American gangsta,” and features Willie Nelson. Hopefully this will tide you over until SDBA day finally arrives:

Update: Jason brought up this Gourds number in a comment on my last post on this fine subject. I’m a bit embarrassed that I didn’t think of it myself.  Thanks, Jason.


18 Responses to Snoop Dogg Readies Bluegrass Album (Part 2)

  1. music fan says:

    Actually the song my medicine isn’t close to bluegrass in anyway shape form or fashion.

    There is no harmony, no banjo runs, or other acoustic instruments. The subject matter about pimping your wife or girlfriend isn’t a bluegrass theme.

    Snoop won’t be received in the bluegrass community unless he plays a bluegrass instument.

    If he thinks what he saw at the cmt awards was bluegrass he is lost. Go to the IBMA awards where he’ll see the best in bluegrass.

  2. Jason Austinite says:

    music fan, no need to get up in arms. We’re not claiming that either song is actually bluegrass. The whole point of these posts is to speculate on what a Snoop Dogg “bluegrass” album might actually sound like, because I think you and I both know that it will be very far from traditional bluegrass.

    Both songs were posted as a tongue in cheek approximation of what we might hear from Snoop if he actually goes through with this project. No matter what the sound, I think we can all agree that it will be a train wreck.

    Although if he writes a song about a train wreck, well, all bets are off! :)

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I would venture a guess that many bluegrass musicians would be unhappy to learn that they are restricted to certain themes and the rest are off limits.

  4. music fan says:


    I think most bluegrass artists would cringe at the thought of not using harmony and the different instrument runs and the use of drums, keyboards, synthesizers etc In fact I would be willing to bet if one did they would not be popular on the festival circuit nor would they get many or any bookings.

    Bluegrass has a very wide scope of song content but pimping your wife or girlfriend isn’t one of them.

    Here are a few artist to check out

    Dailey & Vincent
    Del Mccoury Band
    Don Rigsby
    Larry Stephenson
    Flatt and Scruggs
    Ralph Stanley
    Bill Monroe

  5. music fan says:


    I cringe at the thought of him doing a bluegrass cd. I was at a festival last weekend.
    I asked someone what they thought said he won’t make it he isn’t a picker ( ie he doesn’t play any bluegrass instruments)

  6. Pimping her may not be a theme (yet!), but killing her (or her other fellow) sometimes is. Maybe that’s how Snoop can make it more authentic–less pimpin’, more murder!

  7. music fan says:

    In the song the fellow winds up in jail awaiting to be executed.

    I really don’t see themes about pimping women to get drug money being accepted in bluegrass. Alsd the use of the f-word would never be.

  8. Jason Austinite says:

    I think it’s difficult to really say one way or the other what is acceptable and what is not. I agree that those themes fall outside of what traditional bluegrass artists have done, but any musical genre is constantly evolving as an artform. One example I could give is the band Hayseed Dixie, who has released cover versions of AC/DC songs in the bluegrass style. Because theses songs come from a hard rock band, does that make Hayseed Dixie’s interpretations of them not bluegrass?

    I’m sure many people just dismiss bands like this as novelty acts, but I think the interpretations have a lot of validity and can actually add some unintended meaning and ambience to previous hard rock and heavy metal songs. My personal favorite is the band Iron Horse, who have released albums full of covers of Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, and Modest Mouse. Along with the cover albums, this band has also released their own albums full of original material. Here’s a few samples if you haven’t heard them before (this whole thing probably deserves it’s own separate post, but I’m lazy):

  9. music fan says:

    For the most part bluegrass is still a pure music genre and true to it’s roots. As a fan I’m thankful for that.

    The band videos sound like good musicians I think I would be inclined to looking into their music more they did original songs.

  10. music fan says:

    Since some of those bands have been linked to satanic music I really don’t want to see those themes in bluegrass.

  11. The Iron Horse version of “Unforgiven” is very cool. It sounds like it was written to be played that way.

  12. Jason Austinite says:

    Iron Horse’s all instrumental version of “Stairway to Heaven” truly rocks my ass. I love it:

    Also love this live clip of them doing Metallica’s “Fuel”:

  13. music fan says:

    Is this the only bluegrass you like? How about Ralph Stanley, Del Mccoury, Larry Stephenson, Don Rigsby, Doyle Lawson, etc

  14. Jason Austinite says:

    No, I like lots of other bluegrass. The Stanley Brothers, Nickel Creek’s earlier stuff, Bill Monroe, Alison Krauss and Union Station, The Cox Family, Ricky Skaggs, etc.

    My dad always played a bunch of that stuff for me when I was growing up.

  15. music fan says:

    Dailey and Vincent are great new group Jaimie Dailey and Darrin Vincent have been around for awhile playing in Doyle Lawson and Ricky Skaggs bands. Now they have thier own.

    They should have a bright further. I also say a trio 13 years olds cats and the fiddler as they mature they also have a bright one

  16. Jason:

    You posted the “Stairway to Heaven” (which was pretty neat) link twice instead of “Fuel.” If you can dig up “Fuel” again, I’d like to hear it, although it’s far from my favorite Metallica song.

  17. Jason Austinite says:

    Oops, my bad. Here’s “Fuel” live:

  18. Thanks. I like that better than the original.

    I stumbled on this clip at the same link. Apparently Kirk Hammett is a fan:

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