Sony Reissues Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue

If you haven’t heard yet, Sony Legacy has reissued a remastered deluxe edition of Dennis Wilson’s notoriously hard to find album Pacific Ocean Blue.  The underappreciated Beach Boys drummer and former heartthrob originally released this record in 1977, and it is a breathtaking document of Dennis’s melancholy world view.  The record borrows many elements from his brother Brian, but the record stands on its own as a highly original work and still manages to sound decidedly un-Beach Boys.  Combining lush, Spector-style productions with choral harmonies and Dennis’s own unique voice and piano work, this record sounds absolutely gorgeous.  As a bonus, the two disc reissue also contains the previously unreleased tracks from Dennis Wilson’s unfinished follow up, Bambu.  Check it out.  If you’ve never heard any of these tracks before, you will be surprised at the powerful music that came from one of the most underappreciated and highly talented members of the legendary Beach Boys.  Click on the video below to hear opening track “River Song.”

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One Response to Sony Reissues Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue

  1. I’m planning on picking this one up the next time I’m near a record store. Along with Frightened Rabbit.

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