Nobody Reads Introductions

Our Founder

Our Founder

Well, I do, but I’m weird that way. But since no one else does, I’ll keep this short.

This blog is about music. Other than that, it has no focus, or, to put it less kindly, no point. It’s about whatever our writers care to write about, so long as it has something to do with music.

I live in Austin, as do two of our other writers. When it comes to music, living in Austin is a lot like being a Baldwin–nothing about it sucks. In order to stop ourselves from obsessing nonstop about how awesome it is around here, we’ve added one writer from California and one from Louisiana (if he manages to sign up), and we may add more.

I hope you find some things to enjoy here. Comments are open so say what you’d like.

I guess that about covers it. Launching in 3, 2, 1…


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